Meet the Artist and Owner of Lane Tree & Lily

Leslie L. Mason


Hi, I’m Leslie

I’ve been told I am person that thinks outside the box and sees the world just a little differently…(lol, a lot differently) I am inspired by the every day things in our lives and the whimsy in nature but, with a big, bright, bold, colorful twist….
For the last several years I have worked at creating my business, Lane Tree & Lily. From my home studio I created art and handmade goods for local fairs, events, a booth in the Kansas City bottoms and one of a kind commission pieces for clients.  It has been a great blessing to do what I love but as my company grew I knew that I needed to find a more permanent space.
Three years into the adventure of my creative journey, little did I know,  I would be presented with the opportunity to do just that, a space to call my own at 408 Main Street in the beautiful small town of Weston, MO. I was so excited and thrilled about the prospect that I grabbed on with both hands, jumped right in and set up shop, so to speak…. We (my Hubby and me) were able to open up my dream of a boutique style shop featuring my art as well as others, antiques and home embellishments!
In my artistic quest to find a more permanent residence for my creative desires, I came to many realizations along the way as I was setting up shop. Art should be available to all, there should be a place that artisans can display their work at a cost that is reasonable, and I wanted to promote local art as much possible.  With that mission in mind, Lane Tree & Lily became a beautiful art filled space that I grateful to be a part of.
We invite you to visit us, grow with us, and support the arts! Thank You!


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